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1. Bible teachers are national and can express themselves correctly, both linguistically and culturally. They are also accepted as Bible teachers in the country of their own communities. This way, the student will find it easier to identify with their teaching.


2. The lecture manuscript is divided into a several classes. Every session is recorded in a classroom environment with other students or in a studio. The recording is then edited to proper length and saved in high quality.


3. The original recording is duplicated in a larger edition and is then distributed with course materials.


4. Each leader can then go through the course at their own pace and in their own environment. In some places, students are working in groups and listening to their teaching together. Sometimes the coordinator for ICBI helds seminars, and welcomes students to meet and discuss the teaching.


5. Each student can continue to serve in their own church during their studies. In many cases, the bible teaching from ICBI is the only one they will ever get! . And without it, they won't have all the tools needed for church/community leading.

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